Consumerization And The Nagging IT Expectations Gap



Occasionally, I take a look back at my research and see what we got right, and what we got wrong. In 2008, we wrote "Embrace The Risks And Rewards Of Technology Populism" to describe what we saw as the inevitable acceleration of technology change at the edges of organizations. Think mobile, social, and cloud technologies, and the influence they were having on corporate IT. We of course got the name wrong: Technology Populism never really stuck. But four years later, the phenomenon itself is all around us, wrapped up in the more accepted term "Consumerization of IT" (and corporations' defensive response, "Bring-your-own IT"). Every day, we're reminded of the incredible growth of social networks that now influence all aspects of society from traditional media, corporate brands, and even the direction of politics and governments. Every day, we see people around us glued to personal mobile devices -- texting with friends and colleagues, reading news, and checking in on Facebook. And sadly, every day, people walk into their employers and sense the technology they use at work looks older, and runs slower than what they have at home. In fact, it's become hard to remember a world when this wasn’t the case.

But besides the name, we also got other things wrong:

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