Content Curation No Substitute For Content Creation

Printing Blocks“Publishing is a lot harder than it looks” -- so says Josh Sternberg over on Digiday. It’s true, so apparently brands are turning toward content curation in a bid to feed their ever-growing need for information to push to Facebook and Twitter streams.

The problem, as always, is that you get what you put in.

Unique content takes more out of the business because it gives more back to the business. (Well, it should.) If I wanted to be a content purist, I’d say that content curation is the equivalent of me turning up to a bake-off with a store-bought cake and saying “Look! I baked a cake.” Nobody’s impressed (or fooled) by me pretending I’m a cake expert having never broken an egg.

Even looking at it in more sympathetic terms for the time-poor Digital Marketer, in the age of customization most people are quite capable of curating their own information -- just the way they like it. There’s very little a brand can do to add value to the original content once curated. If I want to find healthy recipes online I can do that for myself, I don’t need to turn to a toaster brand -- as one of the article’s interviewees suggest-- for their perspective on healthy recipes (no doubt all with a strong toast bias). 

Content curation has a number of practical limitations: 

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New Analyst With The Interactive Marketing Team: Darika Ahrens

After more than seven years in marketing, media, and tech — four of which were running my own marketing and social media consultancy — I’ve landed at Forrester as an analyst serving Interactive Marketing Professionals (EMEA) based in London.

My role at Forrester will start to focus on content as content creation becomes more and more vital to the interactive marketer. Content will also apply in a multitude of ways to mobile, online video, search, and across interactive brand ecosystems.

My first report is underway and will look at online video content in your marketing. If you have anything to contribute please get in touch Also if you have suggestions for anything else related to the area of content drop me a line.

Three things I’d love you to do:

  1. If you’d like to speak with me, have information on a product or service, or have an idea relevant to my research areas you can Request a Briefing (simply write my name in the ‘Preferred Analyst’ box on the form) — PR contacts, this includes you!
  2. If you’re a Forrester member and would like to connect I’m now available to take Inquiries. Topics I can discuss are social media marketing, online video, community management, content strategy.
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