It's Official: HP's CEO Fired, Meg Whitman To Step In

Well, it is official folks. CNN reports that Leo Apotheker is fired and replaced by Meg Whitman. The never ending saga of the HP CEO revolving door. 

My post this morning ...

Today the rumor mill is churning with chatters that the current CEO Leo Apotheker will resign after the bell. The new person tipped to step in is the former eBay CEO, tech heavyweight Meg Whitman.  

HP desperately needs an inspiring leader; Meg may just be the person to fill that role. In recent years, HP has been taking on confusing identities - is HP a consumer hardware company, or is HP a IT services company like IBM, or is HP an enterprise software company? HP cannot be all things to all people, it must decide which course of action to take to boost their shareholder value and prevent their 30,000 employees from defecting to Google, Facebook, and the tech newcomers. HP was once that tech newcomer that everyone aspired to work for. Is Meg the person to bring back the old glory? What do you think? 

Stay tuned for more updates!

Your Common Questions On EU Privacy Regulations Answered

The security group at Forrester has been handling a steady stream of client inquiries regarding EU data privacy laws, from both EU and North America clients. While there are many good legal sources out there, we thought it'd be a good idea to compile a list of common Q&A questions about EU privacy laws into a report, to serve as a definitive information source for Forrester clients.

The report, titled: “Q&A: EU Privacy Regulations,” is now live on Forrester's website. It is not our intention, by writing this report, to give legal advice. Rather, we envisioned this report to be a repository of the most important information regarding EU privacy laws, updated every 18 months or so. The report has a wealth of information, including links to actual information sources – be that EU's data protection directive web site or interesting studies/analysis done by external parties. For example, one noteworthy study on US Safe Harbor  is by Chris Connelly from Galexia consulting. He looked at 2,170 US companies that claimed to be Safe Harbor compliant. Out of these, 940 do not provide information on how to enforce individuals' rights; 388 were not even registered with the US Department of Commerce.

The report also contained information on Model Clauses and Binding Corporate Rules, for which we are beginning to see increased interest. We also discussed new and pending privacy laws in the report, including the EU “cookies” directive and EU's view on geo-location privacy.

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