What Would You Ask Your Future Self (2020)?

Following on the earlier seeds planted by Champions Of Change: The App Dev & Delivery Role In 2020 and Your Apps Portfolio In 2020: How Do You Get There From Here? imagine you have the opportunity today to ask your future self five questions about life in 2020 as an Application Development & Delivery professional: What would you ask? Here are some ground rules:

  • Stay on topic - this isn't about how to retire rich or hit the winning lottery numbers; it's about life as an IT professional.
  • Think before you speak - many things will be very, very different than they are today: teams, devices, organization, business models.
  • Think well outside the box - throw your first set of ideas away; they simply extended today forward a few years.
  • Don't confine the questions to yourself - imagine you can ask any IT, BT, or business leader two questions.

Get those creative juices flowing - what are you dying to know about the future?

The Great Platform Debate Is "Shipping Up To Boston" At #ADF11!!!!

Sorry folks but as a Murphy, I just can't resist the temptation - Irish rockers "The Dropkick Murphys" sing a song called "Shipping Up To Boston" - and that is exactly what I and my colleagues are doing September 22nd and 23rd to participate in Forrester's Application Development & Delivery Forum - a collection of the best and brightest folks in our industry. 

I am both a Murphy AND originally from the Boston area - Ahhhlington to be precise (that's Arlington for you non-native speakers), so I could not resist a reference to The Dropkick Murphys. Never heard of them you say? Boston Red Sox fans recall fondly how in 2007, Jonathan Papelbon danced a jig to "Shipping Up To Boston" when the Red Sox beat the Anaheim Angels to clinch the American League East title. Red Sox fans still treasure the moment, our friends in LA - not so much.

Why should you join us in "Shipping Up To Boston"? 

  • Because we've entered an age where customer experience is king, but our applications are troublesome pawns on the IT chessboard - processes and data trapped in silos that do not fit the "outside-in" perspectives of customer-experience driven change.
  • Because you're being pressured to keep pace with the business change driven by customer-experience, but you're falling behind a little bit more every day - you can't make any progress on tomorrow because you are consumed by today's issues.
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