No Matter How Long The Winter, Spring Is Sure To Follow

This is an apt proverb for my current mood. Chicago's winter has been interminably long, but I'm optimistic that spring is just around the corner. After nearly four straight months of cold and record breaking amounts snow, certainly the weather must warm up and the sun must shine eventually, right?

Nevertheless, as winter winds down, March was a great (and busy) month. I attended three straight weeks of vendor user conferences: Webtrends, Adobe Omniture, and Coremetrics. These were well run, valuable, and diverse events; it was great to catch up with friends in the industry and clients around the country. Perhaps the most interesting part of the 2011 round of vendor events was the barrage of product releases, an exciting combination of new products, and ongoing development to core products. I will be updating the Forrester Wave on web analytics later this year, and we're looking forward to doing a deep dive on the updated platforms.

Spring and early summer promise to be equally interesting (and busy). Here's my event schedule for the next six months:

  • Data 2.0 Conference - April 4 - San Francisco - This event is about the rise of data accessibility and new innovations to harness the growing abundance of social, geo, government, and advertising data.
  • Forrester Marketing Forum 2011 - April 5-6 - San Francisco - This is extremely exciting, my first Marketing Forum as a Forrester analyst! You may remember that I missed the 2010 event because I was stranded in the UK due to the volcano in Iceland. This is a great event about innovating marketing for the next digital decade; check out the phenomenal roster of keynote speakers!
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