An Interview With A Business Process Executive: Jeff Stone From Cabela's

Have you ever heard a business process professional pose these questions?

“How are other organizations managing their BPM efforts?"

"How are their teams structured?"

"Are we like other companies?”

We often hear these types of questions from business process executives who are involved in Forrester’s Business Process Council. To help shed light on how other companies approach BPM, we recently interviewed Business Process Council member Jeff Stone from Cabela’s and asked him to share the story of its BPM program — why it was started, his biggest challenges, and biggest successes.

1. Where are you right now in your BPM journey?

[Jeff Stone] Today we are beginning our BPM journey, but we have already put significant infrastructure in place to support our vision.

2. Is your BPM initiative being driven by a senior executive, from the grassroots, or both?

[Jeff Stone] Our BPM initiative is driven by our Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Team, which ultimately reports to our COO. We also get strong support from our EA team.

3. What was the catalyst/driver for the creation of your BPM CoE?

[Jeff Stone] Because in our mind BPM is a culture, not just a framework or a system, we felt assembling a cross-functional CoE would provide the best chance of success. This is the reason we combined technical, business, process improvement, and change management expertise in the CoE.

4. How did/do you evangelize the need for a BPM initiative and/or the related change management activities surrounding it?

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Tackle The Most Common BPM Challenges

Throughout 2010, I talked with a number of business process executives that are members of Forrester’s Business Process Leadership Board(BP FLB).  These leaders all drive large BPM initiatives in the US and Europe, focused on continuous improvement and business transformation.  I usually begin those conversations with a question:  what’s your biggest problem with business process management (BPM) in your organization? Invariably I get a list of the big issues keeping BPM from progressing within the organization, and interestingly, the list of challenges remains the same across industry sectors and geographic regions:

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