What The Social Network Will Mean To Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg: A Film Review And Analysis

After months of anticipation and speculation, The Social Network has finally arrived in theaters.  In advance of the opening, many people wondered “could (the) film  affect Facebook's brand?” and it was said that “inside Facebook, they think the movie will not be good for Mark's image, and that worries them." It is easy to understand these questions and concerns considering how Mark Zuckerberg and the early days of Facebook are portrayed in the film, but having seen it for myself, my strong belief is that The Social Network will have no impact on people’s perception of Facebook.

In many ways, The Social Network is as much about Facebook as Titanic is about the White Star Line.  Certain aspects of the film’s fact-based but fictionalized plot may reflect badly on Facebook in a vague sort of way, but as with any great movie (and The Social Network is a great movie), the viewer is swept up in the human emotion of the story.  In a world filled with real-life cautionary social media horror stories of people losing their jobs, their marriages or their lives, the tale of how a few geeks and freaks got caught up in an entrepreneurial frenzy, cheated each other, and destroyed their friendships is hardly an indictment of Facebook.

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Forrester’s Consumer Forum: I’ll Be There . . . Will You?

Forrester’s Consumer Forum is less than a month away.  I am very much looking forward to the forum and wanted to call your attention to this worthy industry event. 

I’ve been involved with the development of the Interactive Marketing track, and the topics and speakers we’ve arranged will be interesting and informative. I’ll be presenting about Social Media Marketing ROI and the Balanced Scorecard. Melissa Parrish will lead an excellent panel on how marketers can empower employees throughout the enterprise with social media; her panel includes leaders from Dell, salesforce.com, and IBM.  Forrester’s Joanna O’Connell will present new data and guidance on how marketers are improving their online ad targeting versus the same old “Spray and Pray” approach.  And Zena Weist of H&R Block will share how her organization changed strategic direction from a social media marketing push mentality to addressing client needs in the social sphere.

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