We Need YOU!--Vote For Forrester's IT Forum 2011 Theme

Are you ready for Forrester's IT Forum 2011? Mark your calendars for May 25-27 in Las Vegas and June 8-10 in Barcelona and in the spirit of —empowerment and Web 2.0 — help us design an event that is as relevant and productive for you as possible. We've come up with three potential draft themes, and now we need your vote for the best IT Forum 2011 theme:

1. Unleash your empowered enterprise.

As more business technology (BT) decisions get driven by forces beyond IT alone, as business optimization and transformation come to the forefront of management's attention, and as the consumerization of IT encroaches upon business use, business process professionals find themselves in the hot seat at the intersection of IT and the business. This leaves business process pros with but one choice: get proactive by empowering employees with new business process, social and information tools, or swim against the tide of unauthorized technology coming into the organization haphazardly. Successful BT leaders will react not by blocking access but by lending their considerable expertise to increase the chances of technology success and empowering business people to solve customer and business problems. This year's IT Forum will provide a blueprint for reaping the benefits of your empowered organization — complete with case studies, methodologies, and step-by-step advice tailored to each IT role.

2. Capitalize on the intersection of business and technology.

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