Business Process Professionals: A Newly Emerging Career Field In Search Of Skills Development

I've been thinking a lot recently about business process skills development because it's such a big need in organizations that are moving to BPM initiatives. I’m also presenting on this topic at Forrester’s upcoming Business Process And Application Development Forum in Washington DC, October 7-8. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue; your feedback will help me develop a better presentation.  (If you haven’t registered already, call our Events Team at +1 617.613.5905. We’d love to see you there!)

With the growing acceptance of business process management (BPM) methodologies for continuously improving business processes (Lean, Six Sigma, and TQM) and the mainstream adoption of technologies like BPM suites, business process modeling, and business rules, a new career field has emerged with significant impact and potential for both IT and the business. In fact, people in this career field live at the intersection of business and IT. In large part, they are business people who use management disciplines and business process technology to drive continuous improvement, process innovation, business optimization, and even business transformation in their organizations. At Forrester, we call these individuals “business process professionals”.

Based on in-depth interviews conducted last year, we grouped business process professionals into five categories or cohorts:

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