Are Former Employees Still Calling On The Company Dime?

Cutting telecom costs continues to sit as a top priority in most European and North American organizations. However, the proliferation of mobile devices poses numerous challenges when coping with telecom expense management (TEM). One such challenge I increasingly hear about during client inquiries is the difficulty in maintaining accurate, validated, and current inventories of company mobile devices.

It seems the bigger the organization, the more it struggles with accuracy. Many have numerous devices they can neither locate nor account for who has it in possession. In some cases, former employees are still using corporate devices, and there’ve even been situations where new phones are issued to expatriated, or worse, deceased employees. Such inaccuracies are both scandalous and costly for the organization. For example, a large Fortune 500 retailer, after implementing a TEM solution, found 3,500 monthly cell phone bills of former employees still being paid, costing the company in excess of a million dollars per year.

A recent briefing with Telesoft, a Nordic TEM provider, offered a rather simple means of getting a spot inventory of your organization’s mobile devices. Using a series of three mass text messages sent over a 3 week period, organizations can instruct users to respond with information that would identify themselves as an employee:

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