Can Social Media Penetrate The Exec Suite?

Almost every day I hear people suggest that social media is at best only valuable as a marketing tool. There are people who believe that social media has no reach beyond a few "geeks" sitting at their computers all day. What these naysayers focus on is the technology and not the people connections. I believe it is the people connections that drive social media and it is the value of these connections that will continue to change the way we work and communicate.

With your help, I'm looking to measure the potential social media to connect people worldwide, even those senior executives and naysayers who are not already using social media. Here's how:

Three Simple Steps

We've built a very short survey on social media's value in business – nothing new here – but here's the twist: We're using social media as the vehicle, and social media evangelists (you) as the fuel, to get the survey into the hands of as many people as possible who are not yet using social media.

Here are three easy and quick steps to becoming a social media evangelist for this research:

  1. Go to and fill out the survey (all responses welcome) – it takes approximately 5 minutes;
  2. Refer two friends to the survey:
    1. Email a link to the survey
    2. OR tweet about it
    3. OR blog about it
    4. OR post a link in your online community

(if you really want to evangelize you can of course do more than one of these things).


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