Information and Knowledge Management Research Priorities for 2010

Matt-Brown  By Matthew Brown

For the past six months my team, and Forrester at large, has invested a lot of time in better understanding the different roles we serve with our research. On my team alone, we interviewed over 25 clients across industries and geographies about their careers, interests, aspirations, projects they work on, and who they work with. Having been an avid reader of Forrester’s research reports prior to joining the company in 2005, this was an interesting exercise. Why? Because when you manage technology programs inside a company, it’s very easy to assume that the rest of the world looks the same as it does within the four walls for of your organization. In fact, when it comes to information and knowledge management, there’s a great deal of difference across companies.

We spoke with a broad set of people including what I’d call IT business relationship managers, IT solution architects, library and information specialists, and records and retention management professionals. All of these people are involved in running or participating in initiatives involving content management, collaboration, search tools, portals, and enterprise 2.0 technologies. Among others, the themes that stuck out were:

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