Where are all the emergency exits?

Rob Whiteley

That was honestly a question at our recent Security Forum. During every keynote, we collect questions for the audience and one of the attendees took the time to write down: “Can you please have someone from the hotel staff come and inform us of the evacuation plan. Specifically, where are all the emergency exits?”

I love putting on these events. I mean, seriously, only at a security and risk management conference do you get people worried about emergency evacuation plans.

But it did get me thinking and I asked myself: What are the best and worst audience questions from the forum? The event was based on the three shifts we see reshaping the security and risk management landscape in 2010. So I culled through the 78 unanswered question cards we rounded up from our eight keynotes. Here’s a quick breakdown of what was on our security execs minds:

App security: 2
Data security: 3
General information risk: 3
Social media security: 4
General threats and exploits: 6
Security talent and staffing: 7
Outsourcing: 9
Cloud computing: 14

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