Another acquisition in the Web security service space — Cisco Systems acquires ScanSafe

Chenxi Wang Cloud security service is hot, hot, hot. My last blog post highlighted the acquisition of Purewire by Barracuda earlier this month. Today, Cisco Systems announced the intention to acquire ScanSafe, another Web security services company. Cisco’s entering this space shows that Web security services are now on the radar screen of enterprises.

At Forrester we are seeing a definite rise in interest in Web security services, partially fueled by the general interest level in cloud services. Many IT managers told me that they are being asked by their management, “Why not consider cloud services (to fulfill this IT function)?”

Is cloud Web security service for you? A good answer to the “Why not consider cloud services?” question requires examining the pros and cons of outsourcing to the cloud, which should cover, at a minimum, the following decision points:

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Barracuda acquires Purewire, jumps into cloud computing

Chenxi Wang

Barracuda Networks, the networking appliance vendor headquartered in Campbell, CA, announced today that they entered into agreement to acquire Purewire, a Web security services startup in Atlanta, in a cash/stock deal.

I have to say this announcement came as somewhat a surprise to me. Barracuda is a known networking appliance vendor, selling low-cost, on-premise network security appliances from firewalls to antispam devices. When I spoke to the Barracuda folks a few months back, they remained skeptical about the whole cloud computing craze. This move to acquire Purewire, unexpected as it was, serves as another testimony that cloud computing has reached mainstream status.

 Barracuda made a name for themselves in industry by targeting small to medium businesses. Their SMB-oriented sales strategy has paid off, as Barracuda were able to make a number of acquisitions in the past two years. In 2007, they acquired NetContinuum, a Web application firewall company. Following that, they acquired BitLeap and Yosemite, which form the foundation of their cloud backup services, and now Purewire.

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Back to work and new blog site

Chenxi Wang

Friends, after nearly three months of leave, I am back to work and ready to take on the world again.


While I was gone, a number of notable market movements happened: McAfee acquired MXlogic, AT&T acquired VeriSign’s security service business, and Verizon Business is forming a strategic alliance with McAfee to deliver cloud solutions. Many of the new announcements, which I am busy processing out of my inbox as we speak, have to do with cloud computing. Interestingly enough, in a week or so, I’ll be able to blog about a few more cloud-centric acquisitions and partnership deals. Looks like the cloud bandwagon is as hot as when I left it three months ago.


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