2009 Forrester U.S. Benchmark Data Overview

After much hard toil in the form of data cutting, analysis, and head scratching, my colleague Jacqueline Rousseau-Anderson and I have finished the 2009 Forrester U.S. Benchmark Data Overview and the report is now live — if you’re a Forrester client you can access the document at http://www.forrester.com/go?docid=54959.

If you’re not familiar with our Benchmark report, you’ve been missing out. Forrester has the longest running survey of technology adoption in North America, more than a decade’s worth of data that tells a detailed, complete story of the technologies that consumers use, their online and offline behaviors, their demographics and attitudes. Our mail-based survey was completed by nearly fifty thousand respondents this year, and the data is representative of the US and Canadian populations at both a household and individual level. In past years we’ve reported on North America as a whole but this year opted to produce separate reports for the US and Canada — it’s the US data that we’ve just published (those of you anxious for an update on the Great White North will have to wait a bit as we put the finishing touches on the Canadian Benchmark).

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