CIOs: Take Control Of Your BPM Destiny

By Alexander Peters, Ph.D.

6a00d8341c50bf53ef011571a26342970b-100wi Despite the economic situation, investments in BPM tools remain a key priority in many firms. Attracted by their performance-improvement potential, business stakeholders often adopt such tools from inside their functions and fail to recognize the overall impact at the enterprise level. The consequence? Many tool-based initiatives are counterproductive, making already intricate processes even more complex and difficult to support. As costs swell and projects become unmanageable, the responsibility of BPM falls onto the IT’s lap. As recent Forrester Leadership Board (FLB) research on “Driving Value With Process Improvement” illustrates, CIOs must step up to the mark and proactively embrace the responsibility for BPM-tools early in the life-cycle. To succeed, they must leverage their position in the enterprise as they:

  • Have a unique cross functional view of business processes. CIOs straddle all business units, developing portfolio of services tailored to each business function, and understanding each business users needs and expectations from technology. They are able to view processes which span all business functions, allowing them to disseminate best practices and knowledge, as well as being able to continuously refine processes. CIOs are business executives ideally placed to support the business in its process improvement initiatives.
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