FCC Probe Has Mobile Ad Implications

[Posted by Neil Strother]

The FCC is launching a wide-ranging investigation of the wireless industry. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski wants to "look more broadly at all of the elements that affect the mobile marketplace."

Included in the sweeping study will be mobile application developers, software makers and mobile content providers, many of whom have an advertising component as part of their business models.

Marketers need to keep an eye on this probe. It could lead to some significant changes for carriers, and by extension how advertising fits in with mobile applications and mobile Internet services. With a probe this open, it's hard to tell how far it will go, and what new regulatory changes might be imposed. But one thing seems certain with this more hands-on commission: the landscape is about to shift.

What's your take? How will the FCC probe impact the mobile landscape and mobile marketers? Post a comment below.

Mobile Web Audience Is Larger Than You Think

[Posted by Neil Strother]
Marketers take note: mobile audiences continue to build. Two major Web destinations offered some new evidence this week:

  • Weather.com attracts 12.5 million monthly unique visitors to its mobile site
  • People.com's site generates 18 million mobile page views a month

Moreover, Weather.com's 'repeat rate' among mobile visitors is nearly 100 percent, says Cameron Clayton, VP of mobile for The Weather Channel Interactive.

Other popular mobile destinations - Yahoo! (34 million monthly uniques) and ESPN (6.7 million), for instance - boast significant audiences as well. Expect these mobile audiences to grow as more people access sites from devices like the iPhone, BlackBerrys, and Android handsets, which deliver a more satisfying mobile Web experience than standard mobile phones. If you're looking to target the growing mobile Web audience, Forrester can help you frame a sensible strategy. See "Best Practices: Mobile Marketing" as a place to start (if you're a Forrester client, it's available in full).

Have you placed ads on mobile Web sites? What was your experience? Post a comment below.

Mobile Marketing Not So Daunting with Best Practices

Neil-Strother [Posted by Neil Strother]

Heads-up on a new report up on our site on mobile marketing gaining strength, even in this down economy: "Best Practices: Mobile Marketing." (If you're a Forrester client, it's available in full.)

First, many mobile marketing budgets are growing, according to a survey of U.S. interactive marketers we conducted:

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