Are Process Mashups Ready For Primetime?

Process mashups combine presentation data and processes into a single application for business users. Process mashups are meant to empower the business by making use of the data that is already available within the business. In this podcast Clay speaks about how companies are using process mashups and the emerging trends within the space.


Software AG Announces IDS Scheer Acquisition: Is The Tail Wagging The Dog?

By Clay Richardson, Ken Vollmer, and Connie Moore

Only two years after acquiring webMethods, Software AG shakes up the BPM world once again with its announcement to acquire leading process modeling vendor IDS Scheer.  Since the webMethods acquisition, Software AG has continued to push the envelope on combining solid human-centric and integration-centric capabilities under a single vendor roof.  With the IDS Scheer acquisition, Software AG is sending an indisputable and clear message to the market:  "We are a major BPM player, hear us roar!"  Or should it be, "hear us bark?"

Big_dog In many ways IDS Scheer has more brand cachet in business process improvement circles than Software AG, leading us to wonder: Is the tail wagging the dog on this deal?  Is Software AG buying IDS Scheer, or is IDS Scheer really buying Software AG?  The truth is that Software AG is buying a global brand that has the potential to completely remake Software AG into a process improvement powerhouse.

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