Nortel’s Fate Is Still in the Wind – but not for long

I have just returned from the Annual International Nortel Networks Users Association (INNUA) Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.  At the event, I was again struck by the loyalty of the Nortel customer base.  There were 1,500 some in attendance.  I saw Nortel customers and partners who hailed from Boston to San Francisco and  as far away as Denmark, India, and Brazil.  Nortel had a group of nearly 250 partners from the Carribean and Latin America in town for training as well.  Attendance was down considerably (nearly cut in half) compared to last year, but those who were in attendance were serious – considering their options and Nortel’s future.  While Nortel compared their history to Pittsburgh’s – a gritty town with staying power that has reinvented itself for the new economy – customers really wanted to know about the future. Nortel preferred to focus on comparisons to the six  time World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers – customers wanted to compare then to the Pittsburgh Penguins wondering whether they could pull off one more win to take the Cup. 

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