IT Forum 2009: You Asked The Questions — We Give The Answers

by Tom Pohlmann

Tom-Pohlman At this year’s Forrester IT Forum, time constraints and the sheer number of attendees’ questions for our keynote speakers resulted in many questions going unanswered. We’ve reached out to our analysts to answer some of these questions. Here they are:

Should architects be embedded in business, for IT projects? Why? And for what benefit? Where do you put project management in the business? For IT projects.

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Forrester IT Forum Keynote: Challenges To CEOs Coming Out Of The Recession

by Tom Pohlmann

Tom-Pohlman Forrester recently hosted our two flagship IT events—IT Forum 2009 in Las Vegas and Berlin.  For those of you who couldn’t attend, I wanted to share one of our keynote presentations by Forrester’s Chairman & CEO George Colony.  George discussed the challenges that will face CEOs coming out of the recession and how IT leaders can step up to the plate and support, and in some cases lead, these efforts.

George outlined the six imperatives that will hit CEOs as follows:

1. Digital will be mandatory:  Move IT to BT.

2. Brand loyalty will decline:  Enable BT to feed social

3. Customers will look very unfamiliar:  Press ahead into new tech – swim in the Y Generation waters

4. The war for people will be intense:  Build attractive internal systems

5. You will sell differently:  Help marketing

6. The way you innovated will die:  Internal tech should enable, not hinder partnerships.

See the full recording of this keynote below:
For more on the subject, please read George’s guest post on The Huffington Post. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you are engaging with your CEO on these types of initiatives.