Telepresence—The Next Best Thing To Being There

Conniemoore_2 by Connie Moore

A while back, my husband and I were driving back from a sporting event when I noticed that he was talking about work. This was a surprise because he almost never talks about his job, particularly on weekends when he is having fun. I was only half listening, but all of the sudden I sat up and realized he was talking about telepresence—a technology that I'm very interested in. This, too, was a real surprise because my husband is a true Luddite when it comes to any type of technology. (No joke—for example, he keeps his cell phone turned off so he can "save" the battery. It drives me nuts when I need to reach him urgently.)

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Retirement??? You've Got To Be Kidding!

Conniemoore by Connie Moore

I met a beautiful woman today. Actually, "met" is an overstatement; she and I were both sitting in a waiting room at a medical clinic. I couldn't help but watch her out of the corner of my eye because she was strikingly beautiful. She had beautifully coiffed hair, wore a gorgeous buttery-yellow jacket which was coordinated with a colorful and elegant scarf, plus her nail polish perfectly matched her outfit. (Hang in here guys, there is a point to this.)

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