Millenials — Ignore Them At Your Peril

ConniemooreBy Connie Moore

I am a political news junkie. I came by it honestly because my family always discussed political events at suppertime, I was a student activist in high school and college, I majored in political science and history, and now I'm somewhat involved in local politics where I live. So I guess it's no surprise that my eyes and ears have been glued to CNN, The Washington Post, The Economist and just about every weekly news and business magazine I can get my hands on during this political primary season.

And how about that campaign???? For me, the democratic race has been amazing. At first, the debates were all about Iraq. But after the surprising Iowa caucuses, the discussion completely changed. Literally overnight — it's a totally different campaign season now. If you are a political junkie like me, you have to ask "Why? What happened?" Here's the short answer: The Millenials struck.

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