Citigroup leaks customer data through P2P file sharing

Dow Jones Newswire reported on Friday, September 21st, that "The names, Social Security numbers and mortgage information of thousands of people have been leaked by an employee of Citigroup Inc.'s (C) ABN Amro Mortgage Group unit onto a popular peer-to-peer file-sharing network. The leak made the information available to millions of casual music-sharers, as well as would-be identity thieves." The said P2P network is Lime Wire software, which permits sharing of music, movies, and other files over its networks.

The data in question apparently leaked through the home computer of a Citi employee (one news story says it is a "former employee" ).  This again highlights the challenges that organizations face in trying to exert content control when their systems and networks are increasingly decentralized and de-perimeterized.

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What is up with Gmail?

I have been a Gmail user for years. I've always been happy with it until recently. About a month ago, I started seeing a noticeable increase in the number of SPAM messages that made into my Gmail inbox. Granted, my Gmail address is out there; it's the address I use to order online merchandise, the one I use for mailing lists, etc. But Gmail had always done a decent job of keeping the SPAM volume low. I used to only get at most two SPAM a day. Something changed recently. I've been getting more and more SPAM everyday, over ten SPAM a day! I started seeing SPAM that would have been filtered out by any decent anti-spam tool. For example, I got an email today from "Ursula Diggs", 

Ursula Diggs           buy now Viagra (Sildenafil) 100mg x 60 pills $129.95

This mail was sitting in my Gmail inbox! Are you seriously telling me that Gmail can't recognize a piece of SPAM when it has "Viagra" neatly spelled out in the subject line?

Has Postini started to manage Gmail? I don't know. Hard to imagine that Postini would let something like this slip by. But what is the explanation? What is up with Gmail? Have they stopped working on the security features of Gmail, in anticipation of the Postini integration? 

I love to hear what think about this and what your experience is with Gmail.

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