Consumer Forum 2011: Preview of Forrester keynotes

Late last night, James McQuivey and Brian Walker performed dry runs of their upcoming keynotes for Forrester's Consumer Forum 2011 (#FCF11). I'm so excited for all of you to see these presentations and to hear the key concepts and advice both will share in Chicago Oct. 27-28!

James will prove to you why digital disruption is accelerating, how to assess your company's susceptibility to digital disruption, and what you need to do to go on the offensive to become a disruptor; building the total product experiences your customers expect in the age of the customer. I encourage you to watch this quick video of James previewing the main themes and content for his speech (4 minutes).

Brian will directly follow James on the main stage and will present the case for why your multichannel commerce efforts are now passé since channels no longer exist. Instead, we have entered the era of agile commerce where companies must optimize their people, process, and technology to serve customers across touchpoints. Selling and serving those customers across touchpoints such as mobile, social, tablets, the Web, and the physical store will require new organizational structures and processes, enabling technologies, touchpoint integration, customer intelligence, and more advanced measurement and metrics. Brian will present detailed case studies of firms who are adapting to the era of agile commerce, and provide advice on how your organization should do the same.   

I do hope you can join us in just two weeks...