Forrester Research is hiring - become a part of the team focused on helping eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals!

After almost 10 years at Forrester, I'm incredibly lucky to now lead the team dedicated to making eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals successful every day. And, more than ever, senior executives leading eBusiness efforts need help. Ubiquitous connectivity, new devices, and empowered consumers translate into very specific challenges. How do I drive commerce effectively anytime and anywhere my customers demand? How can I ensure a seamless and productive experience regardless of the channel employed? And, how do I align my people, processes, technology, metrics, and culture to support my customers?

If you or someone you know is interested in helping eBusiness & Channel Strategy professionals with these and other challenges, please consider the following open positions for which we are hiring:

I hope we'll have the opportunity to work together!



Congrats on losing your blog virginity Andrew!! What do you think is important to the eBusinsss Channel Professional right now? What's going on with this role in large companies...are they thriving or floundering? Would this be a good career for my kids to go into?'re the world expert on Eric Chang...your thoughts about this role would be interesting to hear.




Thanks George. I will definitely be using this forum to highlight upcoming research, vet content themes, and to solicit input in the exciting arena of eBusiness & Channel Strategy!

Hi Andrew, Are these

Hi Andrew,

Are these positions available for experts in Australia through Tele-commuting arrangments.

I would be more then interested. Regards Jon

Hi Jon; Thank you for your

Hi Jon;

Thank you for your interest. We are ideally looking for US or Western Europe based analysts. However, we also want the best possible candidates. Growth in APAC is certainly of interest. Please submit your CV online and we'll take it from there.


Andrew, Thanks for


Thanks for consideration.

Will do as you mentioned and hope we can work together in the future.

Regards Jon



Thanks for sharing the information. I am current 2nd year MBA student at Kelley School of Business and really interested in pursuing a career with Forrester. However, I had couple of quick questions regarding positions. Would be great if I could reach out to you. Appreciate your consideration.


great to see the health of

great to see the health of the e-comm space reflected in your many openings here!

best of luck hiring -


Hi Tucker; Thanks! It looks

Hi Tucker;

Thanks! It looks as if I can say the same for ATG - "‎US firm ATG is to almost double its Belfast-based workforce by hiring 50 software specialists."


Great presence on Twitter (caught my attention)

Just wanted to comment that I believe Forrester strikes a great social media balance, placing into the public realm morsels of information that are nonetheless almost always value-added, and wetting the appetite for much more. Hashtags from Forrester events are "must-follows" in my book!

Thank you!

- BB