Is CyberLiability Insurance Becoming A More Feasible Risk Management Strategy?

The cyberinsurance market today represents only a tiny segment of the overall insurance industry, and a recent Forrester paper on the topic identified that only a very small percentage of organizations that have purchased business insurance have also purchased cyberinsurance. Many insurance companies, however, are now estimating a period of significant growth in this area, and recent conversations suggest that more companies are either interested in this coverage or have recently purchased such policies.

I'm interested to know where your organization sits on this topic. If you have a minute, please respond to our short poll on the topic

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7/22 UPDATE - An interesting story which seems to suggest that Sony may be trying to leverage cover from existing 'traditional' insurance policies to cover for recent cyber-losses, much to the annoyance of the insurer...

In the unlikely event that Sony do manage to get the insurer to pay, that would be an interesting development for the future of cyberliability insurance...


Responses So Far

Many thanks to those of you who have responded to the poll. I'm pleased to say that there is an interesting trend developing from the responses!

I'd really be keen to get some more input so I can ensure that this data is truly representative - if you haven't voted in the poll, I'd be really grateful if could click on one of the 5 responses and let me know where you stand on this matter...

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