Customer Experience Executives’ Top Priorities For 2010

I just published a new report describing “Customer Experience Executives’ Top Priorities For 2010.”

The research uncovered a significant shift in focus for established customer experience execs.

In their early days, most customer experience executives focus on building their teams, gaining visibility and momentum, and fixing broken experiences. Now, many execs have survived their early days, and they're starting to think longer-term. This shift is clearly reflected in the two most common areas of focus for this year: defining clear strategies and developing repeatable management processes. Other common efforts include infusing customer experience into standard business processes, aligning employees by tying compensation to customer experience metrics, and taking more action in response to available customer data.

We here at Forrester see this shift as a sign that customer experience is rapidly maturing, largely driven by the emergence of the chief customer officer (CCO) as a key leadership role within many organizations. As existing CCOs gain influence and other firms see the financial and competitive advantages of strong customer experience leadership, we expect this trend to become even stronger.

What do you think: Will CCOs become as common as CMOs?

On a related note: I'll be presenting the findings from this research at Forrester's Customer Experience Forum next week. Hope to see you there!


A view from the front line


Having worked in this area since 2002 we are certainly seeing a change. The main issues that face CCO are around really convincing the rest of the management team that this is the right strategy. As usual there is a big difference between the words and the action. Certainly, I would agree that CCO's are looking much further ahead than before and changing compensation. It's still an uphill struggle for most organizations.

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Colin Shaw
Author and Founder, Beyond Philosophy.