On-demand CX performance data

The CX Index platform makes it easy to understand your CX performance and your competitors’ performance. See what drives your CX and model the revenue impact of improving the experience your brand provides.

Customize and share your CX insights

Quickly customize your CX performance data, including CX Index, NPS, and CSAT metrics, in the CX Index platform. The platform allows you to:

  • Filter the data by your target customer segments.
  • Save and select commonly used filters.
  • Cross-tab your data to compare your performance across different segments.
  • See your historical CX performance with year-over-year trending.
  • Benchmark your CX against your competitors.
  • Download images and data for use in presentations.
  • Share these actionable insights with other members of your organization.

Model the revenue impact of better CX

Knowing the business implications of your CX improvement initiatives is critical to securing budget and buy-in. Leverage the interactive Business Impact Simulator to understand, prioritize, and plan which CX initiatives will best improve your CX scores and drive the most revenue.

The CX Index platform helps you understand your CX from a holistic view. See what drives your performance, benchmark against your competitors and model the revenue impact of improving the experiences your brand provides. (2:34)

Get a demo of the CX Index

See the CX Index in action and better understand how it will help you improve your customer experience.

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