Online Classifieds More Popular Than Print Classifieds - Even Among Older Users

Last week we published a new report, Online Classifieds in Europe: Consumers Moving Online More Quickly Than Advertisers. The report finds that approximately one-quarter of European online users read some form of classifieds (print or online) each month, and that consumers' channel shift from print classifieds to online classifieds is now basically complete. While it's commonly acknowledged that online classifieds are now more popular than print classifieds, I was surprised to find that this is true among every single age group surveyed -- even the oldest users.

Despite the fact that the huge majority of European classified users read classified ads online, though, advertisers have been relatively slow to follow users: the marketers we surveyed were still more likely to advertise in print classifieds than in online classifieds.

Jupiter clients can read the full report, which includes our latest European online classified spending forecast, here.


re: Online Classifieds More Popular Than Print Classifieds - Ev

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