Digital Music Futures Webinar

Come hear colleague Michael Gartenberg and me debate the future of digital music. We're hosting a Plug.IN webinar next week.

    JupiterResearch's Plug.IN Webinar
      Digital Music Trends & Outlook
      March 11th, 2008
      1pm ET/10am PT

Digital music was a $1.3 billion business in 2007, but it still only comprised 10 percent of consumer music spending. Meanwhile, Apple continues to dominate both devices and downloads and Yahoo! became the third big player to drop out of on-demand subscription services.

Will digital music ever save the industry? Are downloaded singles replacing CD sales? Who are today's customers, and how is that likely to change over time? What is the role of ad-supported services, and of P2P networks? Will there be a showdown between iPods and music phones? iPods and anybody? How do you compete with, or thrive alongside Apple?