Will RFID adoption be driven by vanity?

I saw this article on Slashdot about MINI giving out RFID fobs to drivers so that when they pass by a particular billboard it will display their own personally chosen message. This serves absolutely no useful purpose of any kind, but I can see why people are interested. It's neat to see a billboard change because you came near it! It makes you feel cool and important. I foresee the acceptance of RFID coming from these kind of toys because customers like to view the world as revolving around them. Reminds me of a song by Toby Keith.


re: Will RFID adoption be driven by vanity?

The paranoid will have a field day with this one. Another way to track people's movements. Where else will they deploy readers without the owner's knowledge? As a security practioner, I'm getting worried about all the embedded technology being deployed in every day items. The number of new vulnerabilities and attack vectors are growing exponentially and the users have no idea they exist.

re: Will RFID adoption be driven by vanity?

Will data centers or secure facilities have to start restricting which devices can enter the room? I'm sure this is already happening at highly secured locations, but maybe it will be necessary. Or will information leak prevention tools live up to their promise and really be able to track the data whereever it exists?