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Head Of BI Job Description

Boris Evelson

Boris Evelson By Boris Evelson

I get many requests from Forrester clients to describe job requirements for a head of BI team, department, solutions center, etc. While Forrester does not have a formal description of such requirements, if I map such requirements to all BI best practices that I write about, here’s what I come up with:

  • Champion and rally the organization around BI. Educate senior non-IT executives on the value of BI: without measurement, there’s no management. Be able to argue that business, not IT, should own BI.
  • Build and support BI business cases (BI ROI)
  • Understand Key Performance Measures and Indicators that drive company measurement, reporting and analytics across functions like
    • Sales  
    • Marketing  
    • Customer Service  
    • Finance  
    • Operations/Logistics  
    • HR  
    • IT/Systems  
    • Compliance and Risk Management  
  • Understand how these metrics and measures align and track against overall business strategies, goals and objectives.
  • Be proficient in all aspects of BI and Information Management processes, technologies and architectures such as
    • BI delivery mechanisms: portals, thin/thick clients, email/mobile phone alerts, etc  
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Infographic: US Immigration Explorer

Reineke Reitsma

The New York Times has a great tool on their Website that gives insight into US immigration patterns:

It's interactive, you can select country/region of origin, and you can look at actual size of the population as well as percentage. Anybody interested in researching and targeting ethnic audiences should check this out! Compliments to Matthew Bloch and Robert Gebeloff of the NYT for putting this together.



The Data Digest - How US Youth Use Their Cells

Reineke Reitsma

Reineke Reitsma [Posted by Reineke Reitsma]

We’ll kick of The Data Digest with a graphic on what US 12 to 17 year olds regularly use their cells for, next to making calls obviously. SMS and MMS are the most popular activities, while only a quarter of them use their phone for IM or email. For youngsters, the phone serves as a substitute for a digital camera – about 2 in 3 phone owners takes pictures with their phone at least once a month while less than half (46%) of US youth regularly use a digital camera.



Introducing 'The Data Digest'

Reineke Reitsma

Reineke Reitsma [Posted by Reineke Reitsma]

This blog is now up and running for about a month, and I want to thank everyone for visiting us, sharing your feedback with us, and keeping us on our toes. From today onwards we’re introducing a new recurring element to the site: The Data Digest. Every Friday we’ll publish a graphic ranking consumers' attitudes or behaviors on a specific topic.

In the next weeks we’ll cover topics like Social Network sites used, financial products owned, PC activities, online activities, health issues reported, mobile features interested in, etc, etc. The data could be from any of the regions we cover with Technographics but with an emphasis on the US and Europe.

Please reach out with any suggestions on possible topics.


Tech Mahindra Prepares for Success in 2010

Christopher Andrews

I had an interesting briefing with L. Ravichandran, the Executive Vice President and COO of Tech Mahindra this week.  This was quite a nice briefing to have from the company, given the dramatic changes that have taken place over the last year.  In January, Forrester analyst Sudin Apte and I wrote about the drastic consequences of the accounting fraud at Satyam (“What the Events at Satyam Mean For Service Providers”). Sudin has continued to write about the subject with great research that would interest virtually anyone in the IT services industry (clients and tech professionals) on


Mr. Ravichandran stressed a few key points to me:

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Gen Y and the Future of the Workplace: Recapping Our Discussion With Forrester Clients

TJ Keitt

Followers of my posts on this blog have seen a consistent theme: what does the influx of young workers mean for the present and future business world? Yesterday afternoon my colleagues Clarie Schooley and Heidi Shey joined me in hosting 82 Forrester clients for an open and frank discussion on this topic. The conversation, which included participants across the age spectrum, was spirited and landed on a few broad concepts:

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Looking for tons of consumer data? Look no further

As Eclipse Kits for Cloud Arrive, Amazon Deployment Wins

John R. Rymer

Amazon's announcement on August 26th of its Eclipse toolkit added another Eclipse-cloud option for Java developers. Here is a table comparing these four: Amazon AWS Eclipse Toolkit, Google Plug-In for Eclipse, Stax Platform for Amazon EC2, and the planned next major release of SpringSource Cloud Foundry. (Cloud Foundry today provides a Web interface, but will embrace Eclipse.)
Eclipse cloud kits 

Several observations jump out at me:

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Making Your B2B Marketing Work -- Better!

Laura Ramos

Laura Ramos [Posted by Laura Ramos]

A worldwide recession and social media have swept up B2B marketers
in a perfect storm, tossed between tighter budgets and the demand to do
more online without guideposts or established benefits. Opportunities
and challenges abound for marketers targeting other businesses through
a direct sales force or channel partners. Before 2010 planning -- and
the push to pump up the pipeline to make year-end revenue goals -- hit
full stride, now is an excellent time to step outside your daily
routine, tune up B2B marketing strategy, and learn new best practices.

Sound intriguing? If so, have I got a deal for you!  (Oh, c'mon, you suspected a pitch was coming, now didn't you?)

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